Spiritual Treasures stocks only “Rare and Precious,” antique pieces and originals. We guarantee that our lovely original art pieces are one-of-a-kind items made from authentic gems and precious metals. Each of our pieces is authentic and unique. Our pieces are not reproductions. They are genuine gemstones. They are not lab created unless stated. So many modern franchise jewellers are selling lab-created gems at prices that far exceed the price of genuine natural stones and metals. Natural stones have far better energy and are far more “alive” than lab created stones. We will only use synthetic stones where the natural source is no longer available and we will state so in our description. Nothing is hidden. Our pieces are fairly priced, so that you can see a good return on your investment. We refuse to over-priced like the modern franchise jewellers. It is our core-belief that all parties involved in this transaction, including you, should profit from this transaction. We believe that when you chose a piece to have a deep, abiding and spiritual significance for you, that it should be made from genuine precious materials. Additionally, we believe that in this uncertain world that all people should have a store of precious metals and gems, in the easily tradable form of jewellery,  as a protection against an uncertain future.

Our jewellery is an ethical and eco-friendly alternative to irresponsible mining practises. Our gems are fair-trade and beyond conflict-free. As we, and more jewellery companies, insist on conflict-free gems and precious metals, the market sees more value in delivering conflict-free gemstones. Diamond mining has a tragic history of contributing to violence and human rights abuses so we will not use diamonds unless we can be 100% certain of a conflict-free origin. Other gems such as Emeralds and Rubies are far more commonly utilised in traditional sacred pieces. That is why they have become so precious. We will not utilise artificial Rubies, Emeralds or any other gem that is synthetic. Our overseas purchases are far-trade and done in a way that supports a community to grow. Our unique art pieces are manufactured within small community environs. Many of these communities harvest, facet, directly sell and control the price of their own gems. Therefore our jewellery avoids perpetuating ongoing harm to people or the environment  You can be assured that the gemstones used by Spiritual Treasures will have been sourced according to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Gold mining generates over 26 tons of mine waste far every gold ring produced. Silver mines often releases toxic chemicals into the environment. We encourage the use of recycled precious metals recovered from technological waste and we utilise recycle packaging for postage, storage and shipment. Choosing a Spiritual Treasures piece prevents ongoing harmful practices and leaves virtually no environmental footprint.

Spiritual Treasures Certificate of Authenticity

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