500+ Year-Old Pachmama Medallion

This is a VERY SPECIAL piece

Here is an antique piece made by the Incas

It is very very old – the old silver is the same as the offerings excavated from her shrinesdroppedImage-312.pngThis looks like a Hallmark but when magnified it is an Inca style bird/scorpion.
The much later additions of the ring and broach clip were added later circa 1930sIMG_2093
It is inlaid with turquoise in a way that jewelers no longer know how to do. The silver is almost pure but never tarnishes but the added sterling silver clasp and ring do.
I estimate that this is at least 500 years old
Chimú 13th–15th century
 -Similar in the Lima Museum-  https://rustytraveltrunk.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/museum-larco-15.jpg
It is a very powerful piece
My Husband doesn’t want me to sell  this.
I believe this piece was used to talk directly with the spirit of the earth.
Pachamama is the main deity in the Central Andes of Latin America. Her name in Quechua means Pacha (world) and Mama (mother). It is the very representation of the earth, which is not located anywhere, although it inhabits, par excellence, springs, water, eyes and slopes. Unlike other gods, Pachamama possesses an earthly, daily existence, of immediate and direct access through experience; She grant forgiveness and empowers supplicants. She bestows fertility and abundance from her subterranean realm where all things are born.

The Pachamama is the point where time and space meet. The past, the present and the future are born from her and all return to her. She is the universal and eternal matrix. The apus, the ancestors, and the various spirits are all born from her, controlled by her, and protected by her. . . . Man, too, with his family and all his possessions . . . is born from her, nurtured and raised by her, and finally drawn back within her when he dies. “
Pachamama Mother Earth, Gaia; both the physical planet and the goddess archetype. Universal feminine energy in time and space; cosmic mother. Wife of Pachacamac. Goddess of the earth and overseer of planting and harvesting. seen as a huge dragon which causes earthquakes. The Earth Mother of the Chincha of Peru. The supreme god Pachacamac emerged from her. She is also mentioned as his consort. Goddess responsible for the well-being of plants and animals. Offerings to her of coca, chicha and prayers are made on all agricultural occasions. The Inca propitiated Pachamama, and other spirits, by placing offerings on mountaintops, in crevices and caves, and buried near buildings or fields. One kind of offering used throughout the Inca realm involved copper, silver, or gold figurines dressed in elaborate miniature garments, often decorated with feathers.  She predominates in agriculture. Pachamama is associated with the earth, agriculture and woman. The Wamanis (sky) communicate with Pachamama (earth) through the mediation of the Amaru (water).  Physical body/matter permeated by the etheric and vital stress systems, which hold the world together.
$3495 – offers considered

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