STUNNING Moldavite & Natural Green Amethyst Crystal 925 silver pendant


Even those not usually sensitive to the energies of stones, often feel the energy of Moldavite & the rare Green Amethyst amplifies and raises these frequencies to their highest levels. The 2 combined here in this stunning pendant are useful dowsing tools or can help you link to hight spirit or extraterrestrial energies

Unique one-of-a-kind piece hand made. This pictured piece is the same one you will receive. The silver our jewellers craft is 100% guaranteed 925 sterling silver, no substitutes. Each piece is hallmarked 925. Moldavite and silver are both rising rapidly – Great Investment!

Stone Types: Moldavite – Large Green Amethyst

Total Length: 5 cm
4.1 grams (including gemstone & silver)
Setting: Drop Pendant
Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver

More information on moldavitesp173403

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