$15 Gem & Silver Pendulum Kits

Discover the Secrets of Dowsing with Your Pendulum

Kin Includes:

  • 1 x silver plate set Gemstone pendulum &
  • 1 x pendulum instruction booklet by Shé D’Montford
  • 1 x 48 cm/19 in silver plate chain

Dowsing is a natural ability that everybody has, once shown how simple it is, you will be able to ask the pendulum revealing questions about yourself and others. Once you have developed your dowsing abilities you will find that the pendulum will become part of your everyday life.

  • Kit cost  only  $15
  • Phone us now to purchase +61402793604      or
  • Purchase on Ebay


Dowsing – sometimes referred to as water witching or divining is an ancient technique used to sense things that concealed from plain sight. Traditionally, it was used to uncover water sources. At one time it was the only way to find if you had water on your land. Water divining is still used today with stunning results. Dowsing has been used for centuries. The ancient Egyptians were master dowsers; pendulums have been found in the tombs of their high priests. More recently, dowsing has been used by U.S Marines in Vietnam to locate underground mines and tunnels. French physicians used dowsing to help them make a diagnosis, known as radiethesia. The practice of dowsing, either by pendulum or rod, is noted before the time of Queen Cleopatra, who’s own advisors used them extensively. You don’t have to use your pendulum to find water for it has so many other uses, search for precious stones or oxides and even missing persons. You can dowse to find lost items, or to see if you have allergies to certain foods. Healers use a Pendulum to find causes for illness in their patients; engineers locate errors on drawings; computer experts find errors in computer code; gold and oil deposits are found; buried treasure and ancient artefacts are located; water, electric, and telephone utilities use dowsing to find their lines. You can contact animals and vegetation. Dowsing has been used in many places to increase food crops by helping plants grow, keeping bugs away, and even putting a protective field around them to prevent diseases. There are many other uses of Dowsing that are not covered here. You can also use dowsing as an aid to help you make those all-important decisions. However, for those who possess a spiritual aptitude, it can be used to answer very specific questions.

The Science Behind Dowsing

Dowsing is intuition technology. Dowsing tools include a weight on the end of a length of string called a Pendulum. These simple tools can be used as receivers in a similar way that a an old wire, a rusty razor blade and the graphite from a pencil, is a simple technology that can pick up radio signals (a crystal radio). Humans are a much more sensitive receiver than a simple crystal radio set. We are all able to sense so many things including electro-magnetic energy not visible to the naked eye. All things give off energetic radiation. A pendulum receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things, Our own senses can feel and measure these energies. The pendulum becomes our communication device between conscious and subconscious. Through unconsciously manoeuvring a dowsing rod or pendulum we use this skill that is not present in our conscious brains. Scientists refer to this as “The Ideomotor Effect”. When a conscious mind is in a clear receptive state and focused upon a carefully worded question it opens a communications channel that answers by giving subconscious muscular impulses which which are exaggerated and amplified by the use of the simple tool. This bypasses the conscious, thinking mind, which tends to block intuition.

  • New without tags: A brand-new, unused, and unworn item
  • Main Stone:  Genuine Large Gemstone
  • Metal:  Silver Plated
  • Chain Length (inches):  19”
  • +
  • Pendulum Dowsing  Instructional Booklet by Shé D’Montford: 18 pages includes pendulum dowsing chart
  • Kit cost  only  $15


  • Kit cost  only  $15
  • Phone us now to purchase +61402793604      or
  • Purchase on Ebay



Below are illustrations of the remaining crystal/gemstone pendulum. please indicate your choice when ordering

  • $_12-4
    Wello Opal
    Sparkling Blue Sandstone

    Clear Natural Quartz


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