Lava + Lavender Jade Prayer Beads with Carved Lavender Jade Immortality Symbol


Utilizing this set of precious sacred stone prayer beads in your spiritual practice will accelerate you to the highest planes of consciousness.

108 beads in total
Lava from Sacred Mt Pele in Hawaii
Obsidian and lucky jelly opal from Australia
Precious top quality lavender Jade beads
Combined with a certified cicada immortality totem certified and hand carved in China

This is a truly beautiful and rare mala – enjoy!


Immmortality Talisman: Lavender Jade Cicada Amulet

  • Exquisitely Carved. High Quality, Lavender Jade –
  • Certified A grade Jadite Jade  (not nephrite )
  • 4 1/2cm x 2cm x 1cm (about 850 carats)
  •  – Solid and near flawless –
  • In southern China this would be a very expensive piece
  • Phone us now to purchase +61402793604

Traditional Chinese & Mayan Use

Use this amulet as the ancients did as a symbol of perpetual renewal and rebirth and immortality. It was tied about the waist or hung on the belt to keep the  deep internal organs reminded to renew. Eberhard notes that “The cicada is a very old symbol. It occurs as early as the oldest ritual texts as an animal symbolizing rebirth… Thus in ancient times it occurs as a small piece of sculpture used as a toggle.” The old Chinese robes had no pockets; therefore, toggles were attached by a cord to objects such as knives or burning-glasses and were used as counter-balances over a belt or girdle. Jade cicadas have been worn by the Chinese as “charms” of the toggle type are still being carved from jade of various colors and are available for such use today.

Funeral Pieces

Cicada-shaped jades were also placed on the tongue of deceased persons apparently to induce resurrection by sympathetic magic. Some are rather flat and stylized; others are quite life-like, like this beautiful example and show much detail. Most are about life sized or slightly larger. However they were for the living more than for the dead as most of the supposed “tongue-amulets” are drilled for a cord so that they could be worn. Cicada girdle pendants or toggles are very similar in appearance to funeral jades. On both sides of the Pacific, jade beads or cicadas should have been placed in the mouth of the dead,  these jade amulets were also used in the Maya culture. The Amerindian peoples mostly place jade cicadas in the mouth, but they also carve jade cicadas to go alongside. The Oraibi Indians of Arizona, also thought that the cicada’s life cycle symbolized resurrection.


Cicadas are fascinating insects. They are large, conspicuous, and attract attention with their interesting “songs.” No wonder the ancient Chinese accorded them such a high position in their folklore and in their art. Watching cicadas can engender awe in the observer. One student remarked that he had always considered cicadas rather magical, and could easily see how they came to have spiritual significance in old China.

1800 year old Jade Cicada amulet
Chinese Jade Girde-Pendant Han Dynasty, 206-220 B.C. Chinese Tongue Amulet

One can imagine the ancient Chinese record keepers observing cicadas, seeing the full-grown nymphs emerging from the soil, like people rising from graves  in a seven year (or longer for some species) and attaching themselves to tree trunks for the quiescent period before the final molt to winged adulthood. It is  not surprising that they considered this “life form death” – the lively adult appearing to be lately resurrected from their own immobile grave. “Records of Rites of the elder Tai” in the chapter entitled “The metamorphosis of Life,” written about the second century B.C.: “The habits of the various classes of animals are very different. Thus silkworms eat but do not drink, while cicadas drink but do not eat.” Liu An, writing 2000 years ago, made known that “cicadas were transformed from their larvae living in the soil.”

1800 year old Jade Cicada amulet
Chinese Tongue Amulet brown jade Han Dynasty, 206-220 B.C


Aristotle is attributed with seeding Grecian culture with cicada symbolism of resurrection and immortality; though it may be asserted that their liminal quality and propensity to incite awe pre-date Aristotle. The cicada is an ancient polyvalent symbol: resounding themes are resurrection, immortality, spiritual realization and spiritual ecstasy. For the ancient Greeks and Romans they sang in intoxicated ecstasy and were sacred to Apollo and cognate with the dionysiac bacchae and maenad.


The ancient Chinese regarded cicadas as symbols of rebirth or immortality in much the same way as the early Egyptians thought of the sacred scarab. Lafcadio Hearn says, “As the metamorphosis of the butterfly supplied to old Greek thought an emblem of the soul’s ascension, so the natural history of the cicada has furnished Buddhism with similitudes and parables for the teaching of doctrine. Man sheds his body only as the cicada sheds its skin. But each reincarnation obscures the memory of the previous one: we remember our former existence no more than the cicada remembers the shell from which it has emerged… This cast-off skin… in Buddhist poetry… becomes a symbol of early pomp, -the hollow show of human greatness.” Ancient Chinese  alchemist Shan Tao-Khai, achieved a cicada-like metamorphosis by ingesting pills.

Very Ancient Immortality Symbol

The cicada as a symbol of rebirth predated Buddhism in China by 500 to a thousand years, as these insects are found on ritual bronze vessels of the Shang dynasty and carved bone spatulas dating from about 1500 to 1030 B.C. The Buddha was born about 500 years before Christ. Silcock reports cicadas among the carvings on the antler of an extinct species of deer found in the excavations at An-Yang, which dates at 1766 B.C.


Clausen  reports that “One of the most interesting and remarkable species of cicada in the Orient is Huechys sanguinea. There it is called `chu-ki,’ and also “The red medicinal cicada.” It has brilliant red and black markings and is the only known cicada used as a skin renewing blistering agent.” Cicadas are used in Chinese pharmacy up to the present day

Photographed under outdoor natural light

Under Flash Lighting

Here are some comparative prices for real A grade  Jadite Jade similar size  –

(Watch out for Nephrite there are lots of cheap quality nephrite cicadas for sale )

Note the quality of our stone and the superior carving to these


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