The Haunted Ring – Paranormal Collectible

SOLD – This beautiful emerald cut amethyst set in sterling silver was bought 2nd-hand from a deceased estate sale and given to me by my ex-boyfriend who like to dabble in the occult.

I was aware of friendly presence around the ring since the day I first wore it.

Strange but benevolent things happened around me each time I wore it. If I wore it to bed I would have pleasant dreams of friends and relatives who had passed over. Once when I was doodling it felt like my hand started moving by itself and a string of 5 numbers came out before I dropped the pen and shook my hand in disbelief. My friend with me joked that the spirit in the ring was trying to give me the  lotto numbers  so we bought a ticket with the numbers  plus one more that my friend picked and we won $150. Not much but better than nothing…!

Another time I reached my hand out instinctively to protect my granddaughter pulling a heavy tree stump over on herself in the park. The log came down heavily on my hand and it should have broken the bones but when I wiggled my hand out it was fine – not even a scratch – the ring had wedged itself in between the log and the rocks and prevented my hand getting crushed.

Because my ex gave it to me, I hardly wear this ring any more. My husband and I decided that I should move on from my ex by selling the old jewellery that he had given me. I agree with my husband. It is time to remove the last vestiges of that past relationship, so he took these photos so we cold list some things on Ebay.

We laughed when in each of the pictures, there is the face of the guardian in the ring smiling back at me…The guardian is still with that ring. You will see it hover above the ring some times, as it is in photo 4 – In photo 5 the face looks very like the protective Hindu deity, Shiva. Yet it could just be the love and good will of the previous owner incarnating in these pictures.

It is with deep regret that I will let this ring go but I know in my heart it is the right thing to do. I will be happy knowing it will go to someone who will love not only the ring but also the spirit presence, the luck and the protection that comes with it. I hope that is you.

Every Blessing to you


OUR PRICE – Ebay Auction

We are aiming for upwards of $200 – but it is currently on Ebay as an Auction so you might snap up a bargain

We are happy to turn over our stock without gouging you and we are very happy to see such precious thing go to good appreciative homes.

Phone  +61402 793 604 for more details or for international shipping rates or to order via credit card over the phone or direct debit or via paypal.



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