Lilith Pendant by Oberon Zell

4.5 cm or 1-3/4″  – Experience the brilliance of Nebula, a fine metal created by fusing hydrogen and oxygen with a tin and zinc base to create a stunning high silver finish – with an amazing price point too!

Ancient Sumerian Owl Goddess protector of women at night. In later Hebrew culture she was demoted to the position of called Adam’s first wife and Mother of Demons and nightmares – the first succubus. A popular image for emancipated women, because she left  her husband when he tried to dominate her, she figures in the ancient texts of many religions. In Islamic culture she is the traditional protector of new born children and new mothers are give a Lilith pendant to hand on their new born’s cot.

Meticulously crafted from fine Nebula – which is nickel and lead free as well as hypoallergenic – Oberon Zell’s Lilith pendant is a unique celebration of this ancient Goddess.

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Exclusive Australian Distributor
Wholesale Inquiries Welcome

Price $20 AUD includes P&H in Australia

4.5 cm or 1-3/4″ tall

Phone  +61402 793 604 for more details or for international shipping rates or to order via credit card over the phone or direct debit

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Oberon Zell
In recent times, Oberon has been most recognized for his inordinately beautiful sculpture; The Millennial Gaia. But since the early 1960’s, Oberon has been one of “the” names most closely associated and respected with regards to the crystallization of the Neo-Pagan movement. In 1970 he formulated and published the preeminent “Gaia Thesis”.
A Transpersonal Psychologist, Shaman, Artist, Sculptor, International Lecturer and Teacher, Oberon has contributed much to the evolution of human consciousness.

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