Druid Oak Pendant by Oberon Zell

A mighty Oak Tree’s green enamel leaves combine with the Awen, symbol of Druidry. Surrounded by a circle of Celtic knotwork. By Oberon in beautiful Nebula metal.

Meticulously crafted from fine Nebula – which is nickel and lead free as well as hypoallergenic – the Druid Oak pendant by Oberon Zell is a beautiful and affordable celebration of the Druidic tradition that will be cherished for years to come.

Experience the brilliance of Nebula, a fine metal created by fusing hydrogen and oxygen with a tin and zinc base to create a stunning silver-like finish – with an amazing price point too!


Exclusive Australian Distributor
Wholesale Inquiries Welcome

Our Price $30 AUD includes P&H in Australia

Dimensions 4.5 cm or 1-3/4″ diameter, green enamel background

Phone  +61402 793 604 for more details or for international shipping rates or to order via credit card over the phone or direct debit

Website Listing:  https://spiritualtreasures.org/2016/03/15/druid-oak-pendant-by-oberon-zell/

eBay  http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/-/121931588424

Oberon Zell
In recent times, Oberon has been most recognized for his inordinately beautiful sculpture; The Millennial Gaia. But since the early 1960’s, Oberon has been one of “the” names most closely associated and respected with regards to the crystallization of the Neo-Pagan movement. In 1970 he formulated and published the preeminent “Gaia Thesis”.
A Transpersonal Psychologist, Shaman, Artist, Sculptor, International Lecturer and Teacher, Oberon has contributed much to the evolution of human consciousness.

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