The Power of Crystals & An Underwater Pyramid in an Ancient City Discovered in the Bermuda Triangle

Ancient Crystal Ball of Power Found 14,000 feet below the Sea in 1969

Whilst searching for Spanish galleons of the coast of Bimini in the Caribbean, Dr Brown made an unexpected discovery. He stumbled upon the ruins of an Egyptian style city, uncovered in the previous nights massive storms. Down a shaft inside what looked like the tip of a lard pyramid he found a crystal sphere resting in untarnished precious metals and above it levitated a gold rod. He could not move the rod but he retrieved the sphere which under later testing was shown to emit enough energy to bend a metal rod and weight.

Dr. Brown died in the early 1990s. The crystal, dubbed by some “The Atlantis Orb,” is now in the safe keeping of Arthur Fanning, a resident of Sedona (Arizona), who refers to the object as the “Eye of God”. Here is a first hand video account:


It is the size of a tennis ball. The crystal no longer looks like this, it has since been cracked and its pyramidal inclusions are fading. It is losing much of its power. It should be resting under a pyramid in pure precious metals and have constant human companionship.

The above golden photos of the Atlantean sphere were taken on 11/11/11 at the Mayan Crystal Skull Conference in Los Angeles – Photos by Robyn Swick

I spoke with Arthur whilst I was in Sedona. Arthur feels the energies of the Sphere are a feminine archetype which take us to Creation. Here is his version of the story of this amazing crystal.

The Story in Detail
In 1968, Dr. Ray Brown, a naturopathic practitioner from Mesa, Arizona, was scuba diving with friends near the Bahamas, in an area 20 miles from the edge of a submarine drop-off called the Tongue of the Ocean.

During the dive, Brown became separated from his companions, and in trying to rejoin them, suddenly saw a strange pyramid shape looming up against the aquamarine light. The pyramid was situated 22 fathoms down, stood 120 feet high, with only 90 feet projecting out of the sea floor shifting sands. Brown was at first struck by how smooth and mirror-like the stone surface of the structure was, with the joints between the individual blocks almost indiscernible.

Swimming about the capstone, which the Arizona diver thought looked like lapis lazuli, he discovered an entrance way and decided to explore further. Passing along a narrow hallway, Brown finally came to a small rectangular room with a pyramid-shaped ceiling. What was amazing was that the room contained no algae or coral growing on the inner walls. They were completely spotless.

In addition, though Brown had brought no flashlight, he could nevertheless see everything in the room perfectly. It was very bright and well lit, but no direct light source was visible. Brown’s attention was drawn to a precious metal  metallic rod 3 inches in diameter hanging down from the center of the apex, and at its end was attached a many-faceted red gem, which came to a point. Directly below the rod and gem, sitting in the middle of the room was a stand of carved stone topped by a stone plate with scrolled ends. (Doric Column?)

On the plate rested a pair of carved metal gold-colored hands, life-sized, which appeared blackened and burnt, as if having been subjected to tremendous heat. Nestled in the hands, and situated approx. 4 feet directly below the ceiling rod gem point, was a crystal sphere 3-1/2 inches in diameter.

Brown first attempted to pry loose the ceiling rod and red gemstone, but neither would budge. Turning back to the crystal sphere he found it easily separated from the bronze hand holders, and left the pyramid with it. As he departed, Brown felt a presence, and heard a voice from somewhere telling him never to return.

Fearing that his unusual prize might be confiscated as salvage-treasure by the U.S. government, Dr. Brown did not disclose the existence of the strange crystal or his experiences until 1975, when he exhibited the crystal for the first time.

He displayed the crystal only a half dozen times, demonstrating how it emits a force, possibly magnetic, strong enough to bend metal rods up and away from it. Each time it has been on display the public have seen or have been sensitive to strange phenomena directly associated with it.

Deep inside the crystal is a smokey triple pyramid image, one in front of the other, in decreasing sizes. Some, entering into a spontaneous altered state of consciousness, are able to clearly see a fourth pyramid, in the foreground of the other three.

Psychic, Elizabeth Bacon of New York suggested that the object had once belonged to Thoth the Egyptian God of the Moon, The creator of the akashic hall of records and a  subterranean library. He taught mankind the art of writing, learning, record keeping, building libraries, and  magick. He fashioned the emerald tablet, a large green stone on which is recorded a classical wisdom liturgy. One might view this as a ‘record keeper crystal’ in a ‘Subterranean’  Hall of Records.

‘Three’ as a 3rd Dimension Leading To a 4th Through the Crystal?

Do the positions of the three pyramid images in the crystal hold a key to finding a fourth, as yet undiscovered subterranean pyramid, that is the fabled Hall of Records in this dimension of the next?  I don’t think so, but this story is laced with metaphors. From the side, the internal images dissolve into thousands of tiny fracture lines, and Brown feels these may be electrical in nature, like some form of microscopic circuitry. From still another angle, and under special conditions, many witnesses have been able to see a large single human eye staring out serenely at them. some photographs of this eye have also been taken.


Dr. Brown’s crystal sphere is the source of a variety of paranormal events. People have felt breezes of ionic winds blowing close to it; cold and warm layers surround it at various distances; other witnesses have seen phantom lights, heard voices, or felt strange tingling sensations around it. A compass needle placed next to the sphere will spin counterclockwise, then begin turning in the opposite direction when moved only two inches away. Metals are temporarily magnetized in close contact with it. There are even recorded instances where one person has been temporarily healed of an ailment by touching the crystal sphere, but then the next person to come into its range took on the symptoms of the ailment of the other person, as if the crystal could draw out and then activate human disorders at will.

Just what the purpose of the crystal sphere served, and what role it once played in the enigmatic instrument Brown found inside the sunken Bahaman pyramid, remains a mystery, though of course there are some interesting possibilities. One idea proposed is that the sunken pyramid once attracted, accumulated and generated cosmic forces. The suspended rod may have conducted forces accumulated in the capstone; the faceted red gem at its end concentrated and projected the energy to the crystal sphere below it; and the burned and blackened hands, showing the evidence of an energy transfer, probably amplified the release of energies; while the crystal sphere acted as the tuner and broadcaster of the energies. All that we know for certain is that the crystal sphere Dr. Brown retrieved from this system is by itself is testimony to a most sophisticated technology. Experts at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington noted, the technology for cutting quartz stone to the perfection exhibited in the crystal sphere was not accomplished by our civilization until after 1900.

Edgar Cayce’s Theories

One of the most detailed descriptions of the Atlantean use of a mysterious instrument called the Great Crystal was given by Edgar Cayce, who mentioned it many times. The crystal, he said was housed in a special building oval in shape, with a dome that could be rolled back, exposing the Crystal to the light of the sun, moon and stars at the most favorable time. The interior of the building was lined with non-conducting metal or stone, similar to asbestos or bakelite, a thermosetting plastic.

The Crystal itself, the Tuaoi Stone, or Fire Stone, was an Atlantean Power Crystal. It was huge in size, cylindrical in length, and prismatic in shape, cut with six sides. Atop the crystal was a movable capstone, used to both concentrate incoming rays of energy, and to direct currents to various parts of the Atlantean countryside. It appears that the Crystal gathered solar, lunar, stellar, atmospheric and Earth energies as well as unknown elemental forces and concentrated these at a specific point, located between the top of the Crystal and the bottom of the capstone. The energy was used for various purposes. In the beginning it was used as purely a spiritual tool by initiates who could handle the great energy. The early Atlanteans were peaceful people. As they developed more physical material bodies, they used the crystal to rejuvenate their bodies and were able to live hundreds of years while maintaining a youthful appearance. Later the Great Crystal was put to other uses. Currents of energy were transmitted throughout the land, like radio waves, and powered by these, crafts and vehicles traversed the land, through the sky and under the sea at the speed of sound. By utilization of other currents originating from the Great Crystal, the Atlanteans were also able to transmit over great distances the human voice, and pictures, like modern television. In the same manner, even heat and light could be directed to specific buildings or open arenas, giving illumination and warmth by seemingly invisible means.In this timeline, in the Bermuda Triangle, on the ocean bottom where the ruins of Atlantis now exist, the energy build-up in the sunken and damaged Fire Crystals can periodically trigger materialization of anything.

The Bimini Wall

There is certainly more to the power of sacred stones than we are being taught.!

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