Spiritual Treasures

Spiritual Treasures is a place to exchange sacred objects.
This site will only list sacred artifacts that are genuine, rare or one offs.
This is not a full time job for me so objects will only be listed occasionally as they come to hand.
These will include:

  • Sacred/ unique art piece jewellery,
  • Original spiritual artwork
  • Rare books,
  • Ritual implements
  • and other spiritual objet d’art and accoutrements.

As many of you are aware I have been a collector for many years and am exceptional at finding the rare and unusual. every thing from Fetish dolls from Africa, jewelled phurbas from Tibet and kadicha boots from Australia have passed through my hands to their rightful new owners. Occasionally, I am persuaded to sell/exchange things from my personal collection. Should you be fortunate enough to succeed in acquiring one of these pieces we believe it is for a higher purpose. These precious pieces should accumulate monetary and spiritual value the longer you own them.

The purpose of all spiritual artifacts is to alter and raise consciousness. They were made from specific minerals in precise ways to produce a specific effect on human consciousness. That is why certain stones and metals became precious. Because  they were necessary to produce sacred object. The majority of the objects here are made from real precious materials crafted in traditional ways to produce something that is sacred.  Therefore, they must be made with conscious intent and a sacred mind. Thus, no mass produced objects will be offered here  (- except for Oberone-Zell’s Mythic Images.  He has all of his catalog produced to the highest for the right purpose and he is my friend.)

Accumulated Energy on Sacred Jewellery
Do no clear too much of the energy accumulated on these pieces. Many have laboured to imbue these pieces with spiritual power. Ad your energy to the pre-existing energy.  Where them as often as possible to allow them to absorb your essence. Where them during your spiritual experiences so that they accumulate power. Where them when you sleep  so that they can blend with the essence of your soul and attune to your dreams.

They have been blessed and activated. This is a very high energy with which I have personally infused into the piece for you when you have purchased the item. Should you wish to reprogram your piece; wash it by immersing it pure water in which you have dissolved a small piece of  rice paper upon which you have written your intention for the piece. Let your piece dry in the sun before polishing it. You can then rededicate with your own spiritual practice.

All of Our Pieces ARE REAL (not costume jewellery- unless other wise stated.)
“Real Gems & Crystals”
“Real Precious Metals”
Our pieces are NOT costume jewellery. They are made of genuine precious metals, authentic gems stones and quality crystals.
They are precious but fair priced.

Many of our pieces feature amazing  multi-tone gold.
Multi-tone gold rarely features in  jewellery as it is rare to find an artisan who can produce it . It is an exacting art form that is created using two or more different types of gold. The tonal colour  of gold depends upon its purity and what traces of other metals are part of it. e.g.
Rose gold is 14k and contains copper it is highly prized for use in ceremonial pieces.
Silver or nickel traces produce white gold in 14-18k.
Green gold is 18k and contains copper and cadmium.
Rich yellow 18k gold contains traces of Zinc.
Some of our most special pieces feature Span gold. Span gold  is 18k that has been heated and cooled in a specific way so as to produce an alchemical transformation. The surface of the gold becomes covered with tiny facets  to release a rainbow effect.  Our very clever jewellers use tinting methods, often used in conjunction with various design techniques to create woven patterns, flowers, and accentuate intricate sacred details.

Gold in its purest form is very soft and malleable. Its natural pliability makes it unusable in metalwork by itself. When combined with other metal alloys, however, gold may be sufficiently strengthened to become hard and hold a given shape. The finished colour of the gold piece can be altered based on the type of metal with which it is bonded.

Solid Silver Base
Many of our pieces are constructed out of silver, traditional for sacred pieces, and are layered with specific gold or choice crystals blends to accentuate its conductivity and to raise its effectiveness as an Orgone accumulator.

Spiritual Treasures are psycho-reactive and carry the memory of the ancient sacred teachings. Each jewel is crafted to facilitate healing, balance, and self-discovery while inspiring the wearer’s journey towards the totality and unity of their whole self. All Spiritual Treasure pieces are helpful in protecting you from harmful EMFs

”Meditate on the symbols I give thee. Keys are they, though hidden from men”

(Emerald tablet of Thoth)

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